How we help…


We have a unique breadth and depth of experience across healthcare and life sciences.
We utilise this to support portfolio companies across all aspects of their business.

 Global commercial network

Over the last 20 years InHealth has developed a world class network of healthcare policy makers, operators, and clinicians to help support companies with product development and go-to-market.

Business essentials

Healthcare startups typically need to navigate a myriad of regulatory, compliance and contractual hurdles as they grow. We’re able to tap into InHealth’s deep experience in these areas to help our portfolio do this efficiently and effectively.

Transatlantic strategy

We have an explicit focus on bridging the Europe – US gap. We have strong links with investors and customers on both sides of the Atlantic in order to support companies with fundraising and international expansion.

Operational impact

InHealth is one of the largest independent sector providers of diagnostics and healthcare solutions in Europe. Companies can access InHealth’s operational expertise to accelerate product development and sales.