Last month, we were delighted to announce our investment in Axuall.

The Axuall platform automatically aggregates and verifies the credentials of healthcare professionals. This means credentials can be shared between clinicians and organisations in real time, reducing delays, minimising admin, saving healthcare organisations money, and improving compliance. 

The inefficiency of approving credentials in healthcare is a huge issue. It can take almost 100 days for newly hired clinicians to have all of their paperwork processed – that represents a huge cost in lost revenue for the individual and leaves hospitals with staffing gaps. It also means clinicians can’t easily ‘passport’ their credentials across multiple sites, reducing flexibility and preventing staff from moving in line with demand.

The Axuall team is led by CEO Charlie Lougheed, one of the most well regarded innovators in healthtech. Charlie has an exceptional understanding of healthcare value chains, and his desire to create impact for providers and clinicians is inspiring. 

We are delighted to announce this investment and look forward to working with Charlie and the team as they bring this critical technology to the global healthcare workforce.