In this series, we get to know the people leading our portfolio companies; from their thoughts on the future of health-tech, to their top recommended reads. In these Q&As, we’ll meet the innovators operating at the heart of the health-tech ecosystem and helping shape the future of healthcare.

This week, we sit down with the co-founder of Heydoc, Christoph Lippuner.

First up, give us the elevator pitch for Heydoc?

Our mission is to improve healthcare! Heydoc is a cloud-based clinical system used throughout the day by clinicians and administrative staff in healthcare settings. It improves the efficiency of clinics, enhances services for patients, connects organisations across healthcare networks and provides powerful insights into data collected along the way.

Looking towards 2021, what are some of the opportunities and challenges you see for early stage healthcare companies?

The current crisis has changed the perception of tech within healthcare. The challenges faced by the industry and the need for innovative solutions with rapid implementations is an opportunity for smaller and more agile players. Tech is perceived, more than ever before, as an enabler and we have seen a huge acceleration in adoption of new technology, with providers showing more flexibility in the process.

What should founders look for in their investors? What can the right ones bring to the table?

In the face of challenges, investors can open doors, make connections and provide you with routes to potential solutions. But only if you trust them enough to call them when things go wrong and have open conversations about how to resolve them. So rather than just looking for ‘investors’, think about looking for ‘partners’.

At the end of the day, founders are the ones waking up in the middle of the night obsessing about the details and dealing with the ups and downs of running the business. So it’s important to have someone who is able to both get involved when needed and assess the situation to provide you with a third-party perspective.

What advice would you give founders looking to raise early-stage funding?

Few very fortunate founders are able to raise quickly and easily. For most, it can be a difficult and drawn-out process. The key to seeing it through is perseverance and conviction. If you believe in your business, you will ultimately find investors who share in that belief. And the rewards of continuing the next stage of your journey with their backing will all be worth it!

How did you find the process of pitching for investment from InHealth Ventures?

Ironically, pitching for investment often depletes business owners’ most precious resource; time. Early stage funding can be hugely time-intensive. But, being so well versed in healthcare, InHealth Ventures streamlined the process from start to finish.

Their expertise negated the need for lengthy exposition or back and forth, freeing us up to focus on running the business. But beyond that, they’ve taught us a lot along the way. Having such deep knowledge of healthcare onside is a valuable asset in its own right.

What has raising VC investment enabled you to achieve as a business?

First and foremost, VC investment has enabled us to invest in the people behind the business. Having hired new talent and built a team made up of experts in each of their respective fields, we’re now in the strongest position possible to continue growing.

And, finally, what’s your top book recommendation for entrepreneurs?

The Count of Monte Cristo, because after a demanding day there’s nothing better than embarking on a wonderful journey of escapism. Plus, it’s written with such fluidity – in French at least! Otherwise, I recently read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (the Manga edition) and found it incredibly insightful.

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