What we’re looking for…

1. Founders who combine distinctive insights with an ambitious long-term vision

We’re looking for founding teams that have a unique insight into the problem they’ve identified, and a distinctive approach around how they’re solving it. They need not be healthcare experts but do need to have developed a strong picture of the stakeholders, economics and key enablers for success in the market in which they’re operating. We’re looking for founders who can articulate a phenomenal long-term vision while having the ability to execute relentlessly in the short term.

2. Large initial market with the potential to expand into adjacencies

Health systems across the world have a lot in common. There are also crucial distinctions. We invest in companies targeting problems that are universal, allowing them to build global businesses over the long term. We’re looking for a clear, top-down, perspective on why the market is compelling and a strong bottom-up analysis demonstrating its size and how to access it. Finally, we get excited about companies entering markets that are flying under the radar, providing the time to create a defensible competitive advantage.

3. Compelling value proposition with a route to scale

Scaling in healthcare can be a brutally complex endevour. Despite this, challenges that companies face often come back to issues around strength and consistency of value proposition. We get excited about product visions that create a step-change in impact for all users, whether clinical, operational or financial. We also want to understand not just how a product will create value, but how it can capture value at scale, and how growth assumptions have been tested.

Investment Criteria:

Stage of investing

Seed to Series A specialists; we lead and co-invest

Typical investment amount 

$500K – $3M

Geographic reach

Global but primarily focused on Europe and the US

Area of investing

IT infrastructure, tech-enabled services and medtech