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 InHealth Ventures

InHealth Ventures is dedicated to partnering with exceptionally talented entrepreneurs to build technology and services companies that will contribute to solving today’s major healthcare challenges.

We are a healthcare venture capital fund linked to InHealth Group, the largest private provider of preventative and diagnostic services in the UK and Ireland.


Our mission is to contribute to bending the healthcare cost curve, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing the working lives of clinical and non-clinical staff.

InHealth Ventures supports early-stage companies to reach their potential, based on our deep commercial and operational experience. We understand what healthcare customers want and we have a long-established network of partners and distribution channels to help portfolio companies reach them.

We invest in healthcare IT and services startups primarily at Seed and Series A stage. We fund teams that combine strong domain expertise, distinctive insights and cutting edge technology; allowing them to solve large, important and complex problems.


We're proud to back some of the most innovative healthcare companies in the world

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