InHealth Ventures

We know that it takes time and capital to successfully scale in healthcare and we are committed to supporting companies in this hugely important work

InHealth Ventures backs founders who are on a mission to solve painful, pervasive healthcare challenges. We want to invest in companies that can increase access to care, improve clinical outcomes and reduce the financial burden associated with treatment that too many families and health systems face. Through our link with InHealth, we have a breadth of commercial and operational experience that allows us to support portfolio companies across R&D, go-to-market, and regulatory strategy.



Developing novel digital biomarkers in critical and rare diseases


AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors


Unlocking the value of critical data, trapped within unstructured medical reports

Nye Health

Enabling seamless remote communication between GPs and their patients

Kheiron Medical Technologies

Using deep learning to help radiologists detect breast cancer better


Creating the next generation of EHR system to optimize workflows, improve patient engagement and unlock the power of data

Transformative AI

Predicting and preventing cardiac arrests


Solving healthcare staff burnout through healthcare’s first transformational leadership platform

Clarify Health

Distilling fractured health data into real time predictive analytics 

Luma Health

Enabling total patient engagement for clinics and health systems through a mobile platform


End-of-life planning platform that helps people create a plan for a meaningful ending so they can live their best life


Reimagining how children and young people access mental health and neurodevelopmental services


Convenient access to dermatologic expertise and personalized, prescription therapy


Streamlines secure sharing of verified credentials between clinicians and healthcare organizations


Ben Evans

Ben Evans

Managing Partner

Ben started his career as a doctor in the NHS before working in the UK and US across early stage medtech, management consultancy and hospital management. He has a particular interest in technologies that can improve the working lives of clinical and non-clinical healthcare staff.

Lavanya Bhamidipati

Lavanya Bhamidipati

Investment Associate

Lavanya is a former McKinsey consultant who has experience in driving transformation and in-house innovation in large organisations. She’s fascinated by genomics and its ability to transform healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.

Richard Bradford

Richard Bradford


Richard is currently Chairman of the InHealth Group, and has previously held CEO roles in international businesses which provide solutions to both private and public sectors. He’s focused on applying his experience and network to support portfolio companies across growth and operational execution.