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We believe in achieving health equity through innovation, and look for like-minded founders who are pioneering the future of healthcare.

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InHealth Ventures invests in companies that will increase patient access, improve clinical outcomes and reduce the costs associated with care delivery.

In evaluating companies, we typically look for:

Founder-Market fit

We’re looking for founding teams that have a unique insight into the problem they’ve identified, and a distinctive approach around how they’re solving it. You need not be a healthcare insider, but should have developed a strong picture of the stakeholders, economic incentives and key enablers for success in the market in which you’re operating.

A clear articulation of the opportunity

Health systems across the world have a lot in common. There are also crucial distinctions. We invest in companies targeting problems that are universal, allowing them to build global businesses over the long-term. We’re looking for a clear, top-down, perspective on why the market is promising and a strong bottom-up analysis demonstrating its size and how to access.

A compelling value proposition with a route to scale

Scaling in healthcare can be a brutally complex endeavour. Difficulties often come back to problems with the strength of the value proposition across different markets and geographies. We get excited about product visions that create a step-change in impact for a range of stakeholders – whether clinical, operational or financial – across healthcare and life sciences. We also want to understand not just how a product or service will create value, but how it can capture value at scale.

We invest in…

Technology-enabled healthcare and life sciences

We get excited about next-generation infrastructure, tech-enabled services and software-based diagnostic and therapeutic platforms.

Early-stage teams

We back companies from pre-seed to series A. We both lead and co-invest in deals, and typically write $500K - $3M cheques, reserving additional capital to follow-on in subsequent rounds.

Global opportunities

We primarily invest in the UK, US and Europe, but we are not limited by geography.